About the Disease

Melanoma (MEL), also known as malignant melanoma, is a type of skin cancer that begins in the melanocytes. MEL affects the integumentary system.

Source: National Institutes of Health

Diagnosis Codes

ICD-10: C43.0, C43.10, C43.111, C43.112, C43.121, C43.122, C43.20, C43.21, C43.22, C43.30, C43.31, C43.39, C43.4, C43.51, C43.52, C43.59, C43.60, C43.61, C43.62, C43.70, C43.71, C43.72, C43.8, C43.9, C69.00, C69.01, C69.02, C69.30, C69.31, C69.32, C69.40, C69.41, C69.42, D03.0, D03.10, D03.111, D03.112, D03.121, D03.122, D03.20, D03.21, D03.22, D03.30, D03.39, D03.4, D03.51, D03.52, D03.59, D03.60, D03.61, D03.62, D03.70, D03.71, D03.72, D03.8, D03.9

Alliance Partners

Patients can receive free education and support services.

The Melanoma Research Foundation conducts research and educates patients and physicians about prevention, diagnosis and the treatment of melanoma.