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What Healthcare Providers Say About PAN


MJ Kelly, Director of Billing and Reimbursement, CVS/Caremark Specialty Pharmacy

“Our goal is to get patients on therapy as quickly as possible. PAN’s portal allows us to do just that. Patients are approved quickly and move forward with their therapy rather than going without medication or making other major financial sacrifices. Not only does PAN provide a wide range of therapies and generous amount of funding per patient, they also have a passion for what they do. It’s quite moving to see what PAN is able to provide for our patients.”


Angela Magaha, Patient Advocate Manager, Park Pharmacy and Tennessee Oncology

“PAN offers the portal access, which gives us the opportunity to work with the patient, and it allows patients to stay ahead in getting their co-payment assistance. It also allows our team to process information efficiently - we’re able to help more patients because we’re able to process a patient on the portal within 15 minutes of just entering the information.”


Stacey McCullough, PharmD, Director of Pharmacy Services, Park Pharmacy and Tennessee Oncology

“Working with the PAN Foundation, an organization that has streamlined the process and made getting the required information as easy and as quick as possible, is very beneficial. It helps us out from a business standpoint to be able to provide this service, in all aspects of care. To have a partner that recognizes the end goal is very valuable.”


Anne Hollingsworth, Funding Supervisor, Diplomat Pharmacy

“A differentiator for PAN is its efficiency. The turnaround time is great. When patients can access grants quickly, it makes it easy for us and takes a lot of the stress off patients. Everyone wins.”


Brad Zimmerman, MSW, APSW, OSW, Oncology Social Worker, Aurora Advanced Healthcare in Milwaukee

“I am proud of the fact that with the help of organizations like PAN, our practice is able to identify assistance for about nine out of 10 of our patients who are struggling to pay for treatment. We work hard to make sure our patients have the opportunity to get the first line of therapy that they are prescribed. Patients are so appreciative and thankful when life-saving treatments are accessible because of PAN’s assistance.”


John Helfrich, Director of Pharmacy Operations, Oncology Rx Care Advantage Pharmacy

“Among underinsured patients, people understand a treatment might mean dipping into savings or everyday expenses to pay out-of-pocket costs. Once they weigh expensive options, patients often choose a less costly route. That is where PAN comes in. PAN allows doctors to offer the best treatment, focusing on treating the patient in the way that is most suitable. The PAN portal offers us the opportunity to input and process information faster, saving numerous days of worry for patients. PAN offers providers value-added information, too. Through our connection with PAN, we receive email updates about new funding. Our mission is to serve the patients and walk beside them through their illnesses. PAN helps us do that...it's a leap forward in assistance with patients.”