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PAN Spotlight

On the Line with Yvette: Meet PAN's Patient and Provider Representatives

In this blog series, we’re pleased to introduce you to our wonderful call center representatives who understand the financial hardships that may come with a diagnosis and are on the line, ready to offer caring and compassionate service.


Meet Yvette, a PAN Program Representative, who shares with us a little about herself and how working at PAN has exposed her to the devastating impact of high out-of-pocket costs.


What motivated you to join PAN's call center team?


Discovering that PAN helps people who can’t afford their co-pays was mind blowing to me. Looking at the number of people we help still amazes me. Knowing that the work I do positively impacts so many people is fulfilling. 


What questions do you get most often from providers?


Most of the providers need help with submitting claims. So most of the questions I get are directed towards claims processes.


How do you describe your work to people who don't know about PAN?


I describe my job as very satisfying. Before I started working for PAN, I was not well informed about the financial cost of healthcare and how people struggle as a result. After joining PAN, I gladly tell people about the importance of this issue.


What are three words you would use to describe yourself?


Honest, outspoken and funny.


What are your tips for having a great phone conversation with patients or providers?


Be ready and calm. Have a positive mindset. Listen attentively. Speak slowly and clearly.