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PAN Spotlight

PAN New Infographic Spotlight: The Medicare Patient’s Journey—Finding Financial Assistance for Prescription Medications


When a patient is diagnosed with a serious, chronic or life-threatening illness, the costs of treatment can be daunting—especially for those living on fixed incomes. 

Our latest infographic illustrates the journey of Mary, a fictional Medicare patient who searches for financial assistance after a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis. 

At age 70, Mary lives on a fixed annual income of $26,000 that goes toward necessities like rent, food and other prescriptions. She can’t afford her cancer medication: it has an out-of-pocket cost of $5,000 per year.



After a new diagnosis, many people find themselves in similar situations, and don’t know where to turn. Fortunately, a financial navigator helps Mary explore her options and eventually find support through a charitable assistance foundation. 

Download our infographic to understand the choices that Medicare patients face when paying for their treatment—and how charitable assistance foundations can offer support in accessing critical therapies when all other options have been exhausted.