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PAN Spotlight


PAN’s Leadership Shares Best Compliance Practices for Patient Assistance Programs



PAN’s President and CEO Dan Klein and Chief Compliance Officer Tom Herrmann hosted a presentation on best compliance practices for patient assistance at CBI’s Patient Assistance Program Legal Update Conference on September 25, 2018. Speaking to patient assistance advocates and legal experts, Mr. Klein and Mr. Herrmann discussed how independent charitable patient assistance programs can develop effective compliance programs.


“It was a pleasure to speak at CBI’s Patient Assistance Program Legal Update Conference,” said Mr. Klein. “Charitable patient assistance programs can only be successful when they adhere to the guidelines set by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG). We were happy to share some of our experience implementing and adhering to these guidelines.”


During their presentation, Mr. Klein and Mr. Herrmann explained that when patient assistance programs act in compliance with OIG guidelines and operating principles, they can ultimately serve more patients.

“PAN’s best-in-class compliance program incorporates all seven elements identified by the federal government as necessary for an effective program.  As such, it ensures that we meet all ethical, legal and programmatic requirements,” explained Mr. Herrmann. “This commitment helps us connect patients to the critical treatments they need.”


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