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2014 Begins as another Strong Year for the PAN Foundation


As healthcare reform continues to roll out, the one thing we can be certain of is the continued need for financial assistance for underinsured patients through independent charities like the PAN Foundation. Research has shown that 59 percent of Silver plans and 78 percent of bronze plans on exchanges across the nation will utilize coinsurance structures for specialty tier medications – putting further cost sharing obligations on chronically and critically ill patients who often seek relief from safety net programs.

PAN’s dedication to serving patients has led us to thoughtfully invest in our operations so as to offer the most streamlined patient experience. Advancements in PAN’s state-of-the-art program technology now allow us to approve patients instantly – communicating enrollment information in less than one minute, giving patients immediate access to their prescribed treatment regimens. Allowing patients and their caregivers to instantly confirm eligibility for financial assistance removes an additional burden of the patient’s diagnosis and allows them to focus on their care.

PAN provided more than 90,000 grants to underinsured patients being treated for chronic and life-threatening illnesses in 2013; twice the number of grants it provided in 2012. Through this growth, we were able to launch more than 15 new disease-specific assistance programs in 2013 alone, broadening our reach to patient populations previously unable to access much needed financial assistance resources.

Approaching our 10-year anniversary this spring, PAN has never been more dedicated to providing assistance to the underinsured patients who need our assistance the most. To better expand upon our patient assistance services, we are seeking and embarking on meaningful partnerships with leading patient advocacy groups and professional societies such as ZERO – The End of Prostate Cancer and ASCO, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, allowing us to provide greater value to the patients we serve. Stay tuned for patient advocacy opportunities with the Foundation coming later this year!