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A Year-End Message from PAN's President


Being in “the right place at the right time” is a timeworn adage that, while may sound trite, describes my experience this year with the foundation and its mission. I am president of an organization that is experiencing record funding, which allowed us to launch 10 new disease funds for very serious diseases in 2011. As a former board member and the current president, I have had the privilege of observing and participating in PAN’s incredible growth and the honor of being part of our partnerships with donors who share our vision.

2011 was an exceptional year for PAN, during which we expanded both our staff and facilities. The biopharmaceutical industry brought us new, more effective treatments for Hepatitis C, Myelofibrosis, Hodgkin's Lymphoma, and many more cancers and chronic diseases. Unfortunately, at the same time, the number of underinsured patients in the United States expanded. The opportunities presented by the expansion of the underinsured population, in addition to new, effective therapies have made our work more gratifying and challenging. Fortunately, we enjoy a family of donors who understand and are willing to support our foundation and work.

For me, that “right place at the right time” is now. Now is the time for me to express appreciation to our donors and to acknowledge the contributions of our board and staff. Our mission to help the underinsured is a serious and much appreciated service. In fact, we surveyed recipients of copay subsidies and found that half admit they would have not adopted a prescribed therapy for a serious disease if it had not been for PAN. Others believe they would have adopted and adhered to therapy but would have experienced heavy hardships and had to sacrifice in other areas of their lives. Our grants to patients do make a difference. We are proud to provide assistance to patients struggling to meet the out-of-pocket obligations associated with their medications and I sincerely appreciate our donors who give us the tools to make a difference for thousands of patients.