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PAN Bids Farewell to Founding Board Member Mike Gerald and Welcomes Norrie Thomas to the Board of Directors


Washington, D.C. - December 20, 2012 - This fall, Michael Gerald, Ph.D., a founding Board of Directors of the Patient Access Network Foundation, rotated off as new member Norrie Thomas, Ph.D. M.S., R.Ph. joined the group. We ask you to join us in sending Mike our greatest thanks for his time with us, as well as in welcoming our newest member.

Dr. Michael Gerald is a Professor of Pharmacy Practice and Pharmacology at the University of Connecticut. For years he has brought PAN a unique knowledge on specialty medications, contributing to PAN’s well-rounded Board of Directors. Of PAN, Dr. Gerald says he is extremely impressed of the true independence of the board. Board members are “People who first and foremost want to help the patients, and can withhold any outside pressure in order to do just that” he explained. “I’m most proud of PAN’s growth,” he said of his six-year tenure on PAN’s Board. “Knowing how many people who would not have access to life-saving medications without our assistance; we really make a difference.”

Having been with PAN since its inception, Dr. Gerald hosts a wealth of institutional knowledge and will be deeply missed by the organization. We wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

Dr. Thomas is President and Managing Director of the Manchester Square Group, a health care consulting company focused on managed care pharmacy; patient education and support programs; and health economics and outcomes research. Of her involvement in managed care systems, she says, “What motivated me about this industry was the opportunity for a pharmacist to be part of building a new healthcare business – that’s what motivates me over thirty years later – the intersection of business and pharmacy. In the 1990’s I built a company called Clinical Pharmacy Advantage, CPA – we were a small group of pharmacists and colleagues that started a pharmacy benefit manager; we had no customers; but we had vision; we wanted to build a business. CPA was a success story at many levels; it was bought by McKesson/PCS and went on to grow and adapt to be part of something bigger and greater.”

On the future of managed care pharmacy, Dr. Thomas looks to the future. “I believe that medication therapy management will change the managed care pharmacy process significantly. Pharmacist will be able to enhance their relationships with patients, thus changing the managed care principles of the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) industry and the way we provide pharmacy insurance in the United States. Old ways of doing business will quickly become obsolete; these are exciting times”.

PAN is very excited to have Dr. Thomas on board and we look forward to her insightful additions to the future of Patient Access Network.