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PAN Hosts Webinar Series for Providers on Accessing Copayment Assistance


WASHINGTON, D.C., November 16, 2011– Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation is pleased to announce that it will host a series of webinars dedicated to training providers on how to access PAN's assistance. To attend one of these trainings providers may register.

"PAN is committed to partnering with providers to ensure that patients are able to receive their necessary medications," said Pat McKercher, President of Patient Access Network. "Applying for copayment assistance can be a new and daunting process. These trainings aim to inform providers on how to quickly and easily apply for assistance on behalf on their patients."

By attending one of these trainings, providers will learn how to quickly and easily enroll patients for assistance, submit claims, and use PAN’s Provider Portal. Learning how to use PAN's best in class tools will allow providers to spend less time on paperwork and more time caring for their patients.

To register for one of these trainings please visit www.PANfoundation.org or call 202-347-9274.

About PAN Foundation

Patient Access Network serves patients through 34 existing disease funds that cover conditions such as multiple myeloma, colorectal cancer, and rheumatoid arthritis. Since 2004, PAN has provided more than $173 million in assistance for out-of-pocket expenses to more than 125,000 patients in need. For more information about the Patient Access Network Foundation, visit www.PANfoundation.org.