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PAN Launches New Provider Portal


WASHINGTON - Patient Access Network (PAN) Foundation announced today that a new Web portal is now available to the thousands of medical providers nationwide who treat patients receiving PAN medication copayment assistance. The portal will improve overall services and make communication between providers and PAN easier and faster.

“We are eager for our providers to use the new portal,” said Lyn Boocock-Taylor, chair of the PAN board of directors. “Through the portal they will have immediate access to patient accounts and receive an alert each time they need to act on a particular case.”

The provider portal, accessed through the PAN Web site, allows medical providers to log in at any time to enroll patients online, access patient accounts with claims and payment status 24/7, send and receive secure messages, provide electronic signatures, submit claims online, and access patient account summaries and action alerts. Medical providers may sign up immediately for the provider portal at www.PANfoundation.org or call 1-866-316-PANF (7263) for more information.

“Providers will appreciate the speed of the new portal,” added PAN President Julie Reynes. “They will be able to enroll new patients in under three minutes and renew patients in fewer than two.”

The portal is one of a number of recent enhancements PAN has made to speed enrollments and make it easier for both patients and providers to use PAN services. PAN also introduced a temporary approval process that allows patients to receive assistance and begin their treatment sooner, and a voice-activated response calling system that allows patients to receive updated account information 24 hours a day.

PAN provides copayment assistance to eligible underinsured patients diagnosed with one of 22 chronic or cancer-related diseases. Patients can receive grants ranging between $1500 and $8500 annually to cover copayment costs for their medications.