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PAN's New Specialty Pharmacy Portal Eases Enrollment for Pharmacists and Provides Quicker Access to Medications for Patients


WASHINGTON, D.C., April 21, 2011 – Patient Access Network is pleased to announce the launch of their Specialty Pharmacy Portal (SPP). PAN’s SPP is a best-in-class tool that makes it quick and easy for pharmacists to submit patient enrollments for PAN co-pay assistance, putting patients on the fast track to therapy.

By using PAN’s SPP system, pharmacists can focus more on providing quality care to patients rather than on time-consuming paperwork. Additionally, the Specialty Pharmacy portal will allow for improved efficiency and synchronization between PAN and Specialty Pharmacies. The portals unique features include: online enrollment, patient profiles, access to approval letters, and secure messaging.

“Our new Specialty Pharmacy Portal means patients can start receiving needed financial assistance faster so they can get the medications required for their well-being and peace of mind,” said Lyn Boocock-Taylor, Chair of PAN's Board of Directors.