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Our goal at PAN is to support people living with life-threatening, chronic and rare diseases by addressing the full range of their needs. Beyond providing financial assistance, we link patients with resources that can address the physical and emotional complexities of their disease, and advocate for improved access and affordability.

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Education and Support for Patients

Managing an illness is difficult, and we know that people who apply for assistance from PAN may need support beyond co-payment assistance. Patients often have questions about their disease, treatment, side effects and medication adherence. And they may benefit from connecting with a compassionate community that can help them deal with the physical and emotional complexities of their disease.

PAN’s Alliance Partners

To link patients with the education and support they need, PAN aligns with leading patient advocacy groups. Learn more.

Patient Resources

A number of organizations offer helpful information and services ranging from travel and co-payment support, to clinical trial information, to caregiving resources and more. Learn more.


Advocacy Resources

The Patient Access Network Foundation believes that cost sharing should not prevent anyone from obtaining medically necessary treatment.

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Strategies to Increase Access to Medications Among Medicare Beneficiaries


  1. Put a “hard cap” on out-of-pocket (OOP) costs once beneficiaries reach Part D’s catastrophic threshold.
  2. Distribute OOP costs more evenly throughout the calendar year.
  3. Ensure that health conditions have at least one effective drug that is not on a specialty tier.