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Fight Colorectal Cancer envisions victory over colon and rectal cancers. It raises its voice to empower and activate a community of patients, fighters and champions to push for better policies and to support research, education and awareness for all those touched by this disease.

Fight Colorectal Cancer Blog

  • Colonoscopy prep: 8 expert tips for the night before

    Sep 6, 2019

    Colonoscopy prep is one of the most dreaded steps when it comes to colorectal cancer screening, but it’s not optional. You must clean out your colon so the doctor can get a good look at the inside! We’ve asked colorectal[…]

  • Keto Diet and Colorectal Cancer

    Aug 27, 2019

    You may have seen foods labeled as “Keto-friendly” on your recent trip to the grocery store. Or maybe you flipped on the television and heard celebrities talking about how they follow a “keto diet.” So what is keto, anyway, and[…]

  • The Medicare Loophole Bill: Victories & Next Steps

    Aug 23, 2019

    The Removing Barriers to Colorectal Cancer Screening Act – also known as the “Medicare loophole” bill – is one of Fight CRC’s top legislative priorities. We’ve been working on it for a long time. We know many of you may[…]

  • Cancer? We’ve Got Mountains to Climb

    Aug 9, 2019

    Fight CRC Ambassador Marijana Kotlaja’s father was diagnosed with stage III colon cancer in October 2018. Her father’s diagnosis quickly changed their family’s lives, habits, and perspectives. Marijana’s father had no family history and their family was unaware of the[…]