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Treatment Transport

We’re helping bridge the transportation gap between patients and the care they need by providing grants that reduce ridesharing costs for trips to the doctor’s office or pharmacy.

Get reliable rides for the care you need

Do you ever have trouble finding or affording transportation to visit your doctor or pick up your medication?


We know that transportation challenges can be a major barrier to healthcare access—often causing patients with critical conditions to miss medical appointments and delay filling prescriptions.


To help patients adhere to their prescribed treatments, we created the Treatment Transport program in partnership with Roundtrip.


Launching on June 3, 2019, our pilot Treatment Transport program will reduce the cost of rideshare trips booked through the Roundtrip app or call center for qualifying patients living with heart failure, metastatic breast cancer or multiple sclerosis.



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For eligibility criteria and answers to commonly asked questions, read our FAQs. Sign up here to receive a notification when enrollment opens.


About Our Partner
Roundtrip is a healthcare technology company dedicated to improving health outcomes by increasing patient access to transportation.


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