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What Pharmacies Say About Us


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One of the most rewarding parts of my job is helping patients obtain financial assistance. When patients are unable to afford their treatment, we look to PAN. - Ana
Countless patients in our practice have obtained their treatments through PAN. - David
PAN’s turnaround time is great. When patients access grants quickly, it makes it easy for us and takes a lot of the stress off our patients. -Wendy
When patients receive PAN assistance, it reduces their stress and create a smoother transition to beginning therapy. -Sofia
To have a partner, like PAN, that recognizes the end goal of assisting patients is very valuable. -Jennifer
Not only does PAN provide a wide range of therapies and generous funding per patient, they have a passion for what they do -Chloe
PAN allows doctors to offer the best treatment. -Jen
Out mission is to serve patients and walk beside them through their illnesses. PAN helps us do that. -Shawn
Our goal is the get patients of therapy as quickly as possible. PAN’s portal allows us to do just that. Patients are approved quickly and move forward with treatment. -Karen