Advocating for patients

Our patient advocacy work focuses on educating and connecting people and organizations to collaborate on solutions to lower out-of-pocket costs.

From policy leaders to patient advocacy groups to those living with serious health conditions—together, we can increase awareness and drive legislative change.

Patient, provider, and partner illustration

Providing education to patients and advocacy groups

Before anyone can work to change the complex American healthcare system, they need to understand it.

We create advocacy resources to break down complex pieces of the healthcare puzzle—and help others become informed advocates in the fight to lower out-of-pocket costs and improve healthcare access.

PAN panel and audience on health case costs

Driving policy and legislative change for long-term solutions

While PAN and other charitable organizations provide a critical safety net in our healthcare system, we know we can’t stop there. There are still millions of people who cannot afford the treatment they need.

That’s why we’re amplifying our voice on behalf of those we serve. From hosting roundtable discussions to joining patient advocacy coalitions to publishing reports and responses to government policies, we continue to push for long-term solutions to lower out-of-pocket costs and improve healthcare access.

Building alliances to provide more support

People with serious health conditions—and their families and caregivers—need support beyond financial assistance. That’s why we partner with patient advocacy groups to connect people to communities that can offer support with the complex physical, emotional, and practical realities of life-threatening, chronic, and rare diseases.

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